Blogger vs WordPress

I am constantly asked, Blogger or WordPress?  This is a NO BRAINER!!


If you are considering setting up a business blog, you shouldn’t even consider blogger or also knows as blogspot.    For personal blogs it is fine, even though I still lean on WordPress, but here are some reasons why:

A) If you host with us, we will set up WordPress for you for NO Charge! (Just mention this post)

B) With Blogger , you do not own your blog, Google does.  You will have a blog as in   Notice that the domain is, which is owned by Google.    If you setup in WordPress (.org), then you own your blog and domain name and everything.

C) You get the entire WordPress community for free or little charge.  You get to use many plugins and themes and most of them are Free or relatively inexpensive.   With blogger, you simply get what Google gives you.

D) All the top bloggers, use WordPress.  Thats right, even Google’s own, and one of the leaders in SEO is Matt Cutts.  If he uses WordPress that should tell you something.  Look at the Source Code for any top blog and most of them are using WordPress.

In a nutshell, for personal blogs is fine, but if you are considering blogging for your business, always choose WordPress.  If you would like more information on customizing your blog then contact us.

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