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Silver Creek Flash Website

We just got done with the new Silver Creek  website at  This website turned out really well as it emphasize the high quality custom homes that they build.  The website was completely done with Flash and includes a Blog for better Search Engine Optimization (SEO).   Other features of the website include:

  • Homepage – this page includes a brief intro as well as an embedded slideshow that includes some of the Masterpieces that they have built in the past few years.  It also includes an option to fill out a form to receive a complimentary spotlight DVD that showcases their finest work.

Silver Creek Construction Group

  • Theater Room Page –  which includes a custom HD video that Webnovate also made to embed on their website.   We also created these DVD’s in order for Silver Creek to hand out as promotional DVD’s.  Prospective customers can request a free DVD on their website at  (Click on the picture below to see the live page)

Watch this Video to find out more about Silver Creek Construction Group

  • Visionary Page – one of the main components of the Silver Creek philosophy, is Visionary.  If you can envision it in your dream home, they can build it.  Their homes are equipped with things as in theaters, indoor golf simulators, amazing pools, and much more!   This book is a online brochure of the quality homes they build and the core values that Silver Creek encompasses when building custom dream homes.  (Click on the picture below to see the live page)


  • New Stand Page – This highlights the various awards that Silver Creek has won and it shows what a solid and and reputable company they are.  They have been featured in many magazine articles and TV shows.  (Click on the picture below to see the live page)

News Highlights

  • Masterpieces Page – This page is a slideshow of the custom homes they gave built and shows off the beautiful masterpieces that thier customers now call home.  (Click on the picture below to see the live page)

Masterpieces of Silver Creek

  • Contact Page – this page gives prospective customers the ability to easily request contact information, a free complimentary DVD, or more information about their company.  (Click on the picture below to see the live page)
  • Contact Silver Creek

Webnovate really enjoyed building this website for Silver Creek!  They are very innovative and have excellent taste!  If you are looking for a custom home in Utah, California, Arizona, or Hawaii then we would highly suggest you contact Silver Creek to build your next dream home!

Friends for Sight – New CMS Website

Friends for Sight launched their new website at  Friends for Sight is a non-profit organization that helps prevent blindness in Utah.  They provide vision screening for children for Amblyopia (Lazy-Eye Blindness) and preserve sight.   Since 1955, over 521,024 children – that’s over “A Million eyes” – have been screened. In addition, over 374,022 adults have been screened for Glaucoma, the sneak thief of sight.   Since they established the high school drivers training vision screening program in March of 2001, 100,416 students have been screened in schools throughout the state.

Webnovate developed the website below with a full editable Content Management System (CMS) and embedded their Youtube Video on the website.   We also setup an online donation page using in order for prospective donors to contribute to their great cause.   If you would like to dontate to thier cause, please visit their online donation form at

Friends for Sight

Friends for Sight

Don’t forget to donate $2 when you renew your Utah Drivers License and License Plate Tag.

Friends for Sight - Check the Box

Friends for Sight - Check the Box

Partyland Utah Blog Spotlight

As we have pointed out in other post, one of the BEST things you can do for SEO, is to blog.  We recently setup a blog for Partyland Utah, locate at that is used as a great tool to keep their customers up to date on the latest and greatest ideas for thier next party.

The blog serves many purposes for thier clients and their clients can even subscribe to its feed and get emailed with any updates to the blog or new entrys.    However, at the same time they increase their SEO presence as they are gaining a ton of useful content that Google loves!

Try a few Google searches and you will quickly see that they are showing up either number 1 or 2 for many popular searches, including parytland or party supplies in utah.    The key thing to realize is that they are moving up higher and higher and it has only been a few months since we installed this for them.    I have to say, I love when a customer takes the advice and puts it into action.  Many times customers get to busy with other things and they do not put time or effort into their blog and updating it.    We have setup many customers with blogs as we are currently offering a FREE blog with any web design package, yet some are not taking the full advantage of updating it with useful content.

If you would like to learn more about Utah Web Design or setting up a blog for your business, please feel free to contact us for a FREE Proposal!