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Why a Professional Website?

I often get asked, Why do I need a Professional Website?  I am often amazed as in todays age a website is most likely the most important marketing tool your small business has.  All your other marketing materials point to it and most likely it is the #1 way that people find your products or services.  Today’s generation is all about Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Advantages of a Professional Website:

  • the #1 reason – Create new customers and bring in more calls and leads to improve your bottom line
  • crisp, clean images to portray your companies quality products and services  – if your competition has a poor website and you have a website that shines 9 times out of 10 you will get the client
  • assist with your daily routines as in having customers fill out forms online , download forms, etc.
  • provide a central location for your web presence including videos, Facebook groups, podcasts, customer testimonials, and case studies
  • get listed on Google, Yahoo, and Bing

As with any goal of a small business, the number one reason is to increase sales.  Period.

Ask yourself, have you even decided to purchase from a company over another based off their website?  I have and so do most people.

Internet surfers spend an average of 7 seconds on a web page and they make several judgments and decisions during that quick time span. If they’re looking for a professional or a business, during the 7 seconds they spend on the web page, they will decide whether to go off the site and look for something better… or they will be suitably impressed and look for the phone number to call. A beautiful website with relevant content engages user interest and they stay on your website longer and ultimately make a purchase!

Of course the number one answer is to make more sales. Professionals and businesses that have beautiful websites make a better impression on prospects and clients. That leads to more sales and higher margins. Professionals frequently realize having a beautiful office can help their business, just like nice clothes, a nice briefcase, a classic watch.  A website is no different and is just as important or perhaps even more important!