Webnovate vs Competition

During our FREE consultations, I quite frequently meet clients that are looking to replace their current web design company.  Typically the complaints are about poor service, how long it takes to get anything done, or that the web design firm is simply not listening to the clients wishes or desires in regard to their website.   Quite frankly I don’t get how someone can be in business and forget that these are YOUR clients and not the other way around.

A few weeks ago, I went into a FREE consultation and I was totally shocked at the level of service this particular client was getting from a different firm (I will leave the name out).  I asked them why and they were not happy and they pointed out that they were horrible at service, took forever to do anything, and they did a CMS website for them but they didn’t take the time to show them how it worked.

I asked the client to login to the CMS and so we could take a look around and see what they were doing.  They were using WordPress and at first it appeared the company that did this knew a decent amount of what they were doing as they at the least had some good plugins, did the Permalink change, had Google Analyitics installed etc.  The website was not that bad looking, but the only thing they forgot to do is SHOW THE CLIENT HOW TO USE IT!

He continued to show me how he was editing a page.  He went to the Pages tab and opened up a page and it was simply all HTML.  Plain and simple, he was using the HTML tab instead of the Visual Tab in WordPress.  With any change he was going to someone else’s website and copy and pasting the code and tweaking it to his site.  Basically he was learning the basics of HTML.  So when he said they didn’t really show them how to use WordPress, he was right.  The biggest reason to use WordPress, is so you can easily update your web pages yourself and not have to pay a Web programmer to make the changes for you.  If you sell a WordPress website, this is the FIRST thing you should show the client as that is the whole reason they bought the product!  So in about 5 seconds I showed him how to fix that problem by using the Visual button and I even showed him all the other additional Toolbar shortcuts and what they did.

I went to this Free Consultation with the idea of selling another website, but I told the client if you like the look of your current website, then you could keep it and now that you know how to use it, you might be fine.  Of course, I would rather have them do a new website as we make more money, but the truth is that they have a decent website and the only thing that this other company was lacking was CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Our clients are amazed at our customer service!  We offer prompt, fast, and friendly service as that is just the way we are.   If we sale you a CMS website, we will actually show you how to use it and if you have any questions in the future on anything, one quick email and we will have an answer for you typically that same day.

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